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About Us

SAC (K) Limited is a leading Kenyan airline, incorporated & registered in 2007. We hold a valid Air Service License
(ASL) and Air Operators Certificate (AOC) in full compliance with Kenya Civil Aviation Regulations in 2009. We have
been licensed to operate B747, A300, B737, B727, FK50 and C208B. Due to increasing customer demand in both
Africa and globally, our mission is to offer value added non- scheduled and charter services from JKIA and Wilson
Airports to within /out of/into Kenya to/ from East/Central Africa and the adjacent Islands/ the rest of Africa/
Europe/Middle East.
Our Wilson based Head Office

Contact Us

  • 020 6006854
  • 020 2000946
  • Wilson Airport
  • JKIA
  • Nairobi Kenya
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