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Afreight Solution

Safe Air Company (S.A.C.) is a leading airline based in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide top quality service in the commercial air transport business to commercial clients in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We also deliver humanitarian assistance to remote locations in the East, Central and South of Africa. Our unique understanding of these regions allows us to deliver competitively priced services and value to our clients.

Our Solution


C160 Freighter

A robust short field Equipment, with upto 15tons capability.


B727-200 Freighter

Tough and reliable Equipment with 24ton payload capability.



Regional Freighter Equipment; 31ton payload.


Motor Vehicle Uplift Solution

The C160 is based in Mogadishu, Somalia with an amazing capabilities for your oversized cargo.


Humanitarian Support

Safe Air Company, provides an effective humanitarian support over Africa, Asia and UAE.

Africa Solution

Safe Air acknowledges the talent and passion displayed by our crew, across the board through their commitment and endurance in carrying out their relentless duties within the toughest environment we serve.

Oversized Solution

We provide unique services across Africa, ensuring such important motor-vehicles and other heavy equipment reach their destinations safely.