Our Vision

In 2001, Safe Air Company was born out of a need to bring goods to remote locations in East Africa. With only a handful of routes, the company has grown to a fleet of aircrafts over the years and has expanded its network of destinations as the carrier of choice for the cargo business in East Africa. The early success of SAC was due to being able to travel the extra mile to deliver goods and services in locations that were beyond the reach of international carriers. Our knowledge of the region and its people has enabled us to deliver humanitarian goods in remote location including South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Central African Republic and DRC.

Safe Air Company is ready to respond to the increased demand for air service in our region. We aim to provide a unique customer experience when our clients use our passenger aircrafts for their travels or our cargo planes to deliver their goods. We guarantee a successful delivery with a focus on safe cargo handling and on time arrival.

– Mohamed N. AdenĀ | CEO

As more African countries open their market to airline companies, we will see the endless benefits of connectivity. Safe Air aspires to be on the frontlines of this newly connected Africa. From our hub in Nairobi, we will offer a range of cargo and passenger services linked to our expanding international network and growing aircraft fleet. From emergency relief supplies, perishable goods and raw materials to manufactured products. Safe Air Company is expected to be growing fast in the light of innovations in cargo industry technology, increasing regulation and customer preferences. As we further develop our services, we are excited and committed to share our vision for the future with our clients and partners. Join on us on our journey and enjoy the ride!