Our Values

S . A . F . E .
Security Accountability Flexibility Experience


Whether you are waiting on cargo transport, traveling on our VIP Charter flight or on a humanitarian service flight; the secure passage of all passengers and cargo is of the utmost importance to us. Apart from being our most important value, security is the most crucial element of our operation. No matter what your charter may entail, you’ll want to ensure your consignments arrive safe and sound. At Safe Air, we guarantee the secure arrival of every flight.


Here at SAC, we provide a consistent and honest dialogue to all of our clients. Our dispatch service is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns. You also receive automatic notifications, cargo tracking options and more, as well as useful contact information regarding the details of your charter. We have very strict procedures in place to protect your personal information including not discussing charter details outside of our secure account system.


We appreciate our clients and to show our gratitude we plan according to your needs and expectations. From environmental changes to time sensitive cargo loads, our day-to-day operations involves a wide range of unique circumstances. We’ve learned that our clients value our willingness to instantly analyze and react to unforeseen changes. By doing so we are able to provide exceptional service tailored to fit your request.


Safe Air Company is a trusted source in the commercial air business. With over ten years of experience our company stands for integrity and aspires to set a standard for it. If you need an experienced team of professionals with a track record of success then look no further. We are proud to have built long term relationships with our clients and partners. We value this trust above everything else and look forward to providing you with service you can depend on.