We operate non-stop to many African key destinations. By doing so, we are able to provide same-day delivery of crucial, perishable and time sensitive commodities. Loading and off-loading are done effectively as punctuality is observed and safety measures are put in place. We aim to offer highly reliable, cost effective and custom-built solutions for all of our clients

Dangerous goods | Perishable goods | Valuable goods | Heavy Equipment


We extend our services to UN agencies and Non Governmental Organizations (N.G.O) to make their work easier by helping them reach the most remote rural areas in a quick and safe manner. Currently, we operating vital charter loads for the relief sector in South Sudan.

Humanitarian Aid | Emergency Evacuation | Peacekeeping Missions


We also Charter passengers from one destination to the other according to our client’s needs. Our passenger aircrafts are equipped with comfort accessories including in-flight entertainment and refreshment services. We aim to provide a unique customer experience when our clients use our aircrafts for their choice of travel.

Government Officials | Corporate Executives | Private Passengers