November 2017







We value the safety and security of our clients above all else. As a result of our safety-first policy, our aircrafts have impeccable safety records and schedule of maintenance protocols that ensure no disruption to flight schedules. We maintain qualified in-house engineers and KCAA approved maintenance contractors and dedicated hanger for regular check-ups. All maintenance work carried out on our aircraft are certified by KCAA approved engineers and complies with our Maintenance Control Manual. Aircraft maintenance logs and schedule of service are monitored by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Airworthiness Division and readily available to potential clients for inspection. All issues that relate to maintenance or serviceability of these aircraft are traceable by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Airworthiness Division and our own maintenance programs. We provide a comprehensive insurance cover to assure our clients about any risks associated with air transposition. Our aircrafts are fitted with modern flight instruments and navigation technologies as standard. These include Color Weather Radar, global positioning system, cabin pressure control systems and captained by experienced pilots.

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