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We would like you to meet the newest addition to our Safe Air family. With more than 5,000 hours under his belt, Syed was a seasoned pilot in Congo before coming to Nairobi. Prior to his arrival, he was operating a Boeing 727, N262, LET410 and a PA34. We are privileged to have him join us with all his expertise and knowledge of aviation. Syed was kindly willing to share a few words with us. Please see the interview below:

Q: How is your new job?

My first impression of Safe Air was good. There is a good working environment which makes it easy to share ideas. I like how the CEO directly communicates with everyone. There is a feeling of equality here. It feels more like a family than a company. I believe that it is wise to choose your boss rather than choosing a job.

Q: How do you like Nairobi?

Nairobi is one of the best aviation hubs in East Africa. It has great operating procedures in terms of cargo and passenger handling. It is also leading the region in regards to Safety and security which is very important in the aviation industry. Nairobi has the potential for major growth in the next few years.

Q: What are your future plans?

I want to be a captain. Right now I am operating narrow body aircrafts but I hope to be a captain of a wide body aircraft in the future


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